Tanzania, Africa

Thomson Safaris

Thomson Safaris Partners with African Wildlife Foundation to Promote Conservation of Critically Threatened Species and Ecosystems

Viewing the Great Migration with Thomson Safaris by Andy Biggs


As the plight of wildlife in Africa becomes increasingly dire, the partnership will boost education and empower tourists to give back. Tanzania, Africa -Thomson Safaris, a leader in responsible Tanzanian Safaris, has partnered with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to further its conservation efforts in East Africa. The two companies will enable travelers to effect positive change and become ambassadors for conservation in Africa. Members will be able to contribute to programs that combat poaching, promote education, and develop sustainable agricultural practices, to name a few. With more than 25% of the country preserved as national parks and conservation areas, Tanzania is home to some of the last authentic places on the African continent where you’ll find abundant wildlife in their natural environments.


Thomson Safaris has been sending travelers to Tanzania for more than 35 years. This is a land with truly breathtaking landscapes, like the iconic plains of the Serengeti and the lush green floor of the Ngorongoro Crater.



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