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Event Date:  Fri., Feb 2nd, 2018; - 6:30-9:30pm


10th annual Traditional Robbie Burns Supper/Celebration at The Rhinecliff Hotel, Rhinecliff, NY


A much-anticipated tradition in the Hudson Valley, the event celebrates the life and art of the legendary poet Robert Burns. Featuring the recitation of Burns's poetry, a traditional dinner with the entrance of the haggis, storytelling, songs, and whisky toasts.  




Rhinecliff, NY (Hudson Valley) - The 10th annual Traditional Robbie Burns Supper/Celebration will be held at the at The Rhinecliff Hotel (4 Grinnell St, Rhinecliff, New York 12574), Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at 6:30-9:30pm. Admission: $42.95pp,  $32.95 bar seats.
The annual celebratory tribute to the life, works and spirit of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns (1759-1796).  He was a poet and lyricist who is considered to be the national poet of Scotland. 


With your host, the renowned Hudson Valley Storyteller Jonathan Kruk, performer Jim Keyes, Master Piper Jeremy Freeman, swordsman Neil Roberts, and a very special guest  from the Met Opera & Big Apple Circus, Scottish juggler/clown John Grimaldi plus  the Honorable Haggis, Whiskey tastings and  other special guests.  Reservations suggested. Special overnight  room rates are $149. Presented in association with   Call 1-845-876-0590 for reservations. $42.95pp,  $32.95 bar seats or e-mail  
The Rhinecliff  prepares a menu that consists of traditional Scottish dishes like cock-a-leekie soup, “neeps and tatties” (turnips and potatoes mashed together) and lemon curd shortbread, but substitutes a Highland beef stew for what Burns called the “great chieftain o’ the puddin-race.”.
The ceremonies  include the requisite Parade or Piping-in of the Haggis, along with the traditional Selkirk Grace, the Toast of the Lassies and the Lassies’ Response for a bit of good-natured battle-of-the-sexes humor. Master piper Jeremy Freeman will play the bagpipes; storyteller Jonathan Kruk and performer Jim Keyes will relate some incidents from the life of Burns; swordsman Neil Roberts will buckle some swash. Participants are encouraged to bring songs, poems and stories by, about and in the spirit of the Bard of Ayrshire. And at the end, everybody joins in singing Auld Lang Syne, in a context where it makes a lot more sense than on New Year’s Eve.
Skullsplitter Ale will be on tap, whiskeys will be available for tasting. If you want to indulge freely in Highland spirits without falling off the mountainside on the way home, the Rhinecliff offers a special room rate  for guests of Burns Night.
Celebrated on, or about the Bard's birthday, Burns Suppers range from formal gatherings of esthetes and scholars to uproariously informal rave-ups of drunkards and louts. Most Burns Suppers (The Rhinecliff's) fall's in the middle of this range, and adhere, more or less, to some sort of time honored form which includes the eating of a traditional Scottish meal, the drinking of Scotch whisky, and the recitation of works by, about, and in the spirit of the Bard.

A Very Special Guest to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary Supper- John Grimaldi
John Grimaldi is a professional juggler and clown of Scottish-Irish heritage. A unique act which combines Gaelic and Scots song, juggling, poetry, dance, zaniness and audience participation into a new exciting brew of theatrical excitement. He performs with the NY Celtic Dancers, an innovative group with new ideas on traditional Scottish dance. With partner, Bonnie Heather Greene, he has developed dance pieces that are unique combinations of Gaelic song (puirt-a-beul) with Scottish hardshoe dance! Also, pieces that combine poetry, juggling, dance and physics in a truly unusual and exciting way.
Besides his Scottish themed work, John is artistic Director of the NY Lyric Circus and has performed at the Metropolitan Opera for the past 20 years as juggler, clown, stiltwalker and actor. For 14 years he has been a part of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program performing as “Dr. Quackenbush,”
John has taught circus artists since 1970, including stiltwalkers for Alvin Ailey Dance Company and the Metropolitan Opera, jugglers who went on to the Big Apple Circus and Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus and many others who enriched their lives with these lively arts.


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Storyteller Jonathan Kruk (picture courtesy of Jonathan Kruk


Master piper Jeremy Freeman

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