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Event Date: August 11 to 17, 2018


Sky & Telescope's senior contributing editor, J. Kelly Beatty, to host Medomak Astronomy Retreat and Symposium (MARS), Washington, Maine 


Star parties are gatherings of amateur (from newbie to well-seasoned) astronomers and astrophotographers, in places that are free of light pollution, and have spectacular night-sky viewing. 




Washington, Maine - Medomak Retreat Center in Washington, Maine is taking its growing reputation as a stargazing Mecca to the next level. This summer, August 11-17, adults and older children will be able to learn about astronomy and telescopes by day and revel under the region’s expansive ultra-dark skies at night at the Medomak Astronomy Retreat and Symposium. This engaging program is led by J. Kelly Beatty (Sky & Telescope's senior contributing editor); Bruce Berger (Amateur astronomer, telescope builder and Director of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston Research and Imaging Observatory (ARIO), and Babak A. Tafreshi (Founder of The World at Night or TWAN program and a photographer for National Geographic).
Medomak has some of the darkest skies in the Northeast, with spectacular nights that reveal thousands of stars almost at the limit of what your eyes can see. For the past decade, Medomak's Family Camp has hosted an astronomy-themed vacation week that routinely sells out many months in advance.
Medomak has recently upgraded its infrastructure to accommodate dusk-to-dawn stargazing. You can set up your scope wherever you want: next to your cabin, on the new power-ready observing pad, or at a secure remote site with a commanding view for astrophotography. Or just bring your binoculars and use one of the retreat center's telescopes.
This gathering will provide activities for amateurs of all experience levels, from newbies looking to buy their first scope to seasoned deep-sky observers and astrophotographers. Each afternoon will feature a series of presentations designed to teach you about astronomy, the night sky, telescopes, and how to view/photograph all those celestial wonders. Here’s a partial list of the presentations planned: 

  • How to choose the best telescope for you

  • Kepler's explosion of exoplanets

  • Light pollution: the good, the bad, the ugly

  • Meteors, meteorites, and meteorwrongs

  • How to get started making your own telescope

  • Mythology and lore of the night sky

  • Mars in 3-D (latest news from the world next door)

  • Portraying the night sky (with award-winning artist Greg Mort)

  • Solar observing techniques

  • Sunlight symphonies (exploring the daytime sky) 

  • Telescope tune-ups

  • The amazing Hubble Space Telescope

  • Using your new telescope

Medomak has comfortable, private cabin facilities with real beds, hot showers, electricity, and chef-prepared food (staffers grow many of their own organic vegetables, milk their own cows, and bake their own breads and desserts).  It is located on a beautiful Maine lake that's perfect for swimming, paddling, fishing, or just relaxing. Guests have access to all kinds of gear for having fun in the water — sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and stand-up-paddle surfboards (SUPs).. There are full-size basketball and tennis courts, an archery range, and fields and woods with trails. Mornings are free time, designed to let you have fun, explore the region, or just sleep in.
Medomak is just minutes from the picturesque towns of Rockland and Camden — and just a 2-hour drive from Acadia National Park.
Rate: All-Inclusive Tuition with Private Cabin-$1350.00


All-Inclusive Tuition: $1350.00 per person (includes private housing for family groups and individuals, all meals, all programs, activities, and use of facilities). Rate includes an 8% Maine state sales and lodging tax.
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