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Event Date: May 2 through September 12, 2015


London's British Museum lends rare icons and artifacts to Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton, MA


This is the first time the British Museum in London has lent Saint John the Baptist (Constantinople c. 1300) and the famous Saint George and the Dragon (also known as “Black Saint George”, Pskov, late 14th century) to a museum in the U.S.A.


Saint John the Baptist, Byzantine, c. 1300


Clinton, Massachusetts, April 22, 2015 ( - The Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA will have a new exhibit on display May 2 through September 12, 2015, called Byzantium to Russia: Origins and Development of Russian Icons, 1200 to 1900.


This exceptional, compelling selection of forty eight icons and extraordinary artifacts from the British Museum traces the stylistic development of sacred art from ancient Byzantium, center of Christian civilization, to the introduction of Christianity to Russia. The exhibition of rare icons will also include Byzantine cast metal objects, ivories and engraved gems.
This is the first time the renowned British Museum in London has lent Saint John the Baptist (Constantinople c. 1300) and the famous Saint George and the Dragon (Pskov, late 14th century) to a museum in the U.S.A. These extraordinarily rare icons—two of the oldest and finest icons in existence—alone are worth a visit to the exhibit. In addition to the icons and artifacts from the British Museum, the exhibition will be augmented with related icons from the collection of the Museum of Russian Icons.
The Origins and Development of Russian Icons was organized by the Museum of Russian Icons and curated by Museum Founder Gordon B. Lankton, Research Fellow Prof. Raoul Smith and Museum CEO and Curator Kent Russell.
The Museum of Russian Icons collection of more than 1000 Russian icons and artifacts is the largest of its kind in North America, and one of the largest private collections outside Russia. Spanning six centuries, the art includes important historical paintings from the earliest periods of iconography to the present. The Museum was founded in 2006 as a nonprofit educational institution by Massachusetts industrialist, philanthropist and art collector, Gordon B. Lankton.


Admission: Adults $10; Seniors (59 +), $7; Students, $5; Children 3-17, $5; Children under 3, free.


The museum is located at 203 Union Street, Clinton, Massachusetts.


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Other Exhibits at the Museum: 


Museum Acquisition: Rare Royal Doors from a Russian Iconostasis

Free to Museum Members and with Museum Admission

The Museum is pleased to announce a major acquisition of an extremely rare pair of Royal Doors, circa 1600, originating from a region in Russia, north of Moscow, renowned for these artifacts. The provenance, as published in the European art press, verifies the set is from a private collection in Holland acquired in the1960s. They are installed in a “Iconostasis Room” in the Museum’s South Gallery. The room will showcase icons related to iconostases (or altar screen decorated with icons) in the Museum collection.  
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Festival Row Icons

The Museum is pleased to announce the acquisition of 12 Festival Row Icons. The Museum’s First Artist-in-Residence, Alexander Gassel, created and painted the traditional frame that holds the 12 icons, now permanently installed in the Upper South Gallery of the Museum. Visitors were able to observe Gassel as he worked on painting and applying gold leaf to the frame in a customary 17th century floral and vine motif. This provided a unique opportunity to see an expert iconographer recreate a 17th century Orthodox tradition.

Learn more about the Festival Row and see a slideshow of Alexander Gassel in action.




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