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Event Date: July 20th, 2014


Pennsylvania Reunion Fest - a Multi-Band Reunion from the 60's through 90's, July 20th, Carlisle, PA


Carlisle, Pennsylvania, July 10, 2014 ( - The Pennsylvania Reunion Fest will be held July 20th at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, 1000 Bryn Mawr Road, Carlisle, PA from 11 am to 9 pm. The event is a rare opportunity to see several live bands that no one has seen in years. They are all well-known acts from the greater Harrisburg area, but they have parted ways long ago. Gordon Brinton, the Festival Director, has been busy inspiring once-popular rock bands, (from the 60s 70s 80s and 90s,) to regroup and return to the stage for an exclusive encore performance. This all-day music event will reintroduce one long-lost band after another.


The bands will include:
1. Minivan (11:00am 12:00am)
2. Craig Kelley Band (12:15pm 1:15pm)
3. Smoke City (1:30 2:30)
4. Rubicon (2:45 3:45)
5. The Furys (4:15 5:15)
6. Memory Lane (5:30 6:30)
7. Plum Loco (6:45 7:45)
8. Aslan (8:00 9:00)

Gordon explains, It's a celebration of our local music scene's historical past. For the first time, local nightlife enthusiasts will not only be able to stroll down memory lane, but theyll actually experience it once again in real life. Those faded memories will no longer seem so distant.


Tickets are $25 at gate, $22.50 in advance. Advanced tickets can be purchased at area merchants as well as online at
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